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“I don’t have time”

28 Mar

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P.S. – This post is inspired from a post at Accidental Creative written by Todd Henry. Its a fantastic site about being crazy productive as a creative. I highly suggest checking out the site, feeding to your RSS, subscribing to their email posts!


So where have you heard that phrase before – “I don’t have time”! Think for a minute and you will realize that you yourself use that phrase all the time. For me personally speaking its the most over-rated phrase of all times. When a person says that phrase, more often than not, what they actually mean is that “I am not interested” or “I am really bad with managing my time and I am already going a few weeks over due on a lot of things”!

Now to be fair, there are times when you are truly having a deep scarcity of the very precious commodity – time, but this post is not about those times! (Though when people over-use this phrase they want to believe they are in “those” times!)

Each one of us, no matter how your financial statements are glowing with sufficient cash or its just a sore even looking at them, we all have the same 24 hours every day of our lives. The difference is how we use the time.

I can understand when people want to ignore some body or some work and use the excuse of I don’t have time, but what surprises me is when people do the same even in their relationships. Relationships with their spouses, their friends, their near and dear ones, with people they apparently love and care about! All those childhood years, where we spent so much time together, carefully nourishing our friendship for years and decades and then when you get busy with the hustle-bustle of life, you start forgetting everything as if you are suffering from slow Amnesia??? In today’s world where you have the power of technology at your side, nothing is as easy than to stay in touch! Be it via email, sms(text), Facebook, Twitter, etc…its as easy as breathing! Seriously!

And still people say, oh I am too busy! They are never too busy playing Farmville or all those stupid apps like “whats my mood today, horoscope” etc, but they are busy for staying in touch with people they apparently care about! Nothing is more complex than a human being’s mind and his/her ways!

Its ok to make a choice of not being in touch or not being interested, but don’t pretend as if your actions are dictated by your lack of time. For me I am just not able to use the phrase” I don’t have time” and not feeling guilty about it. Instead I had rather, “hey no hard feelings, but this just doesn’t interest me and I really don’t wish to do it”.

P.S.  – Not using the phrase “I don’t have time” doesnt mean you say “yes” to every thing people ask you to do. Both are different issues.

So when people use the phrase, its not about lack of time, they are just not interested or are ignoring you! Period.

People who accomplish so much in life  – and I don’t mean just in monetary terms – are brilliant, absolutely brilliant in managing their time. They are extremely busy with a million things, yet if they want to do something they WILL find a way for it. Its not that the more rich or busy you are the less reliable you become. Its actually the opposite. The reason they have accomplished so much is because they can be relied upon, can be counted upon.

So now whenever you don’t wish to entertain some one don’t say you don’t have time, think of something better and more prudent!

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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami : Call for Help!

20 Mar


japan earthquake tsunami march 2011


This being my very first post on my new blog, I would have preferred a more “feel-good” topic to start my blog with, but considering the gravity of the situation, I don’t think there would be a more “noble” way to start my blog than by extending and trying to get help for the people who need the most at this time.

Yes I am talking about the horrific Earthquake and the Tsunami that followed, and struck Japan on 11th March 2011 and changed hundreds and thousands of lives, in a very very bad way.

Both offline and online media are full of news reports, statistics, number, so no point repeating the same over here.

What I do want to share is how you can play a very significant role in re-building many of those lives of people in Japan. Yes I am talking about charity. The minimum amount you can donate is less than what a coffee costs in many places. But the impact of this small amount is a thousand times more than what the impact of that coffee.

Getting right to the point, Google has set up a Crisis Response page for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami related info and news. They have also tied up with Japanese Red Cross Society to help them gather whatever resources they can as fast as possible.

Now I am sure there are many more NGO/Organisations helping the people of Japan. You can donate to whatever organisation you are comfortable with. In this case the means is not important but the end is.

Appreciate any help you provide!

Thank you.


Disclosure – I have used Japanese Red Cross Society for donation.

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