Kindle, iPad, iPad2 !

21 Apr

ipad ipad2 kindle3 tablet amazon apple

If you are having Kindle or/and iPad1/iPad2…or if you planning to buy either or both, the following posts should be very interesting in helping you make a choice or re-affirming your choice!

Using iPad to make notes.

3 Questions before you buy iPad2.

Amazon Kindle3 after a month.

Personally I own a Kindle3 since last 5 months and now seriously looking to grab a Tablet! iPad2 clearly seems to be my choice, but Samsung Galaxy Tab is also on my radar. It has a smaller screen size of 7 inches as compared to 10 inches for iPad2, but it all depends what the use is. Bigger is not always better. So do a thoughtful study on what do you plan to use it for and make a prudent choice. Interestingly the author of the above posts, bought an iPad, but with time he realized it was not for him and eventually gave it away!

There are also new models coming in June end for Samsung Galaxy Tab in terms of bigger screen of 8.2 and 10.8 inches. But that would place it directly in the category of iPad2 and it will be one very difficult choice as to which one to pick!

Your guess is as good as mine!


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