Video: Seth Godin on the Difference Between Leadership and Management

23 Apr

About  Seth : Seth Godin is a best-selling author and a renowned name for his unconventional views on Marketing/Social Media.

There is a very thin line between a leader and a manager and its not unusual to make the mistake of substituting one for another. For me a few differences which came to my mind –

  • Manager thinks short-term and a leader thinks long-term.
  • A manager sees how best to utilize a person’s skill for the task at hand. A leader uncovers skills in people who were themselves not aware of it.
  • A manager doesn’t connect(very few do) at different levels apart from the context of the work. A leader connects with its people at different levels and forms an attachment. Feeling attached is very important for people to accept some one as their leader.
  • Not every manager can be a leader and not every leader can be a manager.
  • A manager is good at execution, a leader is good at planning.

What according to you sets a leader apart from a manager?


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