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The Coffee Story : Search Within and You Will Find It!

8 May

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This is one story which has been engraved in my mind and the hidden meaning in this story is so powerful and inspiring that it keeps surfacing on my mind from the deep corners where its been stored for ever. I don’t remember where i heard this one, may be it was on TV, movie, magazines or newspaper.

“Its a beautiful morning, slightly drizzling which makes the morning even more beautiful. A person wakes up and decides to start the day by sitting in his veranda which gives him a view-to-die for of the beautiful ocean and having a hot cuppa of coffee.

But he is surprised to see that someone has already made his coffee and his lying on the dining table. He is pleasantly surprised, takes the coffee and walks towards his veranda. He is comfortably settled down and savors the beautiful morning view. He takes a sip of his coffee but is taken aback. The coffee is very bitter. He is so comfortable that he feels very lazy to go and get some sugar and a spoon to make his coffee sweeter. So he decides to have the bitter coffee itself. He is clearly a bit unhappy but then that’s the choice he has made.

He has finished his coffee half way thru, when the next sip totally surprises him again but this time in a positive way. The coffee becomes a bit sweeter this time.

He notices that the nearer he reaches to the end of the cup and finishing his coffee the sweeter it becomes. Now he is almost reached the end when he sees something and starts laughing at himself.

At the bottom of the coffee cup there were sugar cubes. All he had to do to make it sweeter was to stir. “

Now it may seem like any other story with a good funny pay off but its a beautiful analogy to relate to each and everyone’s of our life.

The coffee is our life. When you have reached the end of the cup and can see the base, we have entered the twilight zone of our lives. We all search for happiness, peace, calm around us and by running over other material stuff like money, fame, prosperity, recognition, attention of others and so on, but we fail to realize that the real happiness lies within us all. All we have to do is stir.

So before its too late, stir and seek inside yourself and i can assure you that, you WILL definitely find whatever you are looking for.



How do you wish a person on their Birthday/Anniversary and Why?

5 May

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I simply love wishing people on their special occasions. And I get very nervous on my own Birthday as the entire day right from midnight to midnight, I am in the spotlight so as to speak and very lucky to have my small but close circle of friends/family wish me thru out the day! To put things in perspective I am not a voice user on my cellphone. Say out of 100%, 70% I use it for SMS, 25% for Data(Emails, Social Networking)thru Wi-Fi and remaining 5% for calls! On a full charge, my phone battery lasts easy for2-4 days if not more!

So you can take out voice from my much loved and cherished Nokia E-71 and I will still be happy, but then I do need to make some calls(specially to wish people on their birthdays!) and I have an iPod Touch for heavy data usage. (As an after-thought I think I should get an iPhone which will merge both my devices!)

But on my Birthday I need to charge my phone at-least twice if not more! And I hate being made special. But I love making other people feel special and hence my joy of wishing people on their special occasions. Now each one of us have so many days to wish other people, but just one day when the tables are turned and we are being wished. So from my own experience I know that every wish I get on my birthday be it by calls, sms, emails, etc is very very valuable for me! Yes its easy nowadays to NOT forget anyone’s birthday, but still I don’t like to take it for granted as it’s not about remembering it’s about whether anyone wants to remember. There is a significant difference!

Make no mistake, you may not feel much value by wishing other people, but you have just made the other person’s day much more valuable! You have made him/her feel special! In this mad mad world where time is always less, its not everyday people spend time for others –  even if its 60 seconds to send that sms –  and wish you, to make you feel important, to make you feel  a part of their life!

So its very important to me to choose the right way to wish those whom I really care about and want them to have the best day on their very special occasion. For my closest friends, I send them an sms on midnight and then follow up with a call during the day! I also send them a couple of messages, one for reminding them not to forget my treat and a big piece of cake(regardless of whether they are in my city or not!) and a few more asking them how their special day is going so far!

For friends, who are not very close and whom calling is bit chore for me since I really don’t know what else can we converse about apart from the customary wishes, I prefer sending them a sms. I don’t like awkward conversations or calling some one when I have nothing much to talk about. Why waste their and my time. Sms works totally fine!

Since Facebook shows me whose birthday it is – even though that person may be just a casual acquaintance – I do make it a point to go their Wall and wish them. Sometimes instead of sending sms to not so very close friends or rather casual acquaintances, I go the Facebook way!

For friends and family members(relatives) who stay outside my country(sorry people I am a miser 🙂 ) and are not very active on Social Networking sites, I choose the good old Email way! In fact I prefer email than wishing on Facebook, as email takes a bit more effort and it makes me happy to take that effort!

For Anniversaries I have recently started sending a Bouquet of Flowers for those in my country. Needless to say its for very close people and I do wish both of them thru SMS at midnight and separate calls during the day or evening or night. I am a bit cautious of sending Flowers as I don’t know how will the other people react. Also the logistics in cities apart from metros and equivalent to metros is unpredictable at best. So far it has been received very well and I was glad I could do whatever I can in my own small way.

Then there are also people whom I used to wish but then somehow we distanced apart and even though I know its their birthday/anniversary I tend to avoid it. I just cant do something if I don’t feel good about it. And these are personal matters, so best to use my heart instead of my head.

In today’s age, the excuse that you forgot it was your birthday just doesn’t work. There are ways to make you remind, IF you want to, otherwise just accept that you just didn’t bother and that’s fine too! Anything done forcefully will not last long. And no one can wish everyone every-time. So if you are wishing some one, do it from your heart or don’t do it at all.

Also we have a 24 hour time period to wish, so even the travel or I was sick, etc is a lame excuse. How long does it take to send an sms, to make a call, to send an email, to go on Facebook and wish! No one, not even Barack Obama is occupied for every minute of his 24 hr day!

Wishing some one regardless of the means is a very small gesture but has huge effects…in a positive way! Try it! Make the day even more special for some one and an otherwise ordinary day for you will become special too!

So how do you wish people?


Unrealistic Optimist vs Realistic Optimist

3 May

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Came across  a very good article  –  “Be an Optimist Without Being a Fool”. It was one of those posts which we knew its true but somehow never remembered it. Its like cleaning away the dust off our intellectual knowledge which lies within all of us. I suggest reading that post before, to get an idea as this is my extension on the very same topic.

I am an ardent follower of things that inspire and motivate me day after day. It can be in the form of books, blogs, articles, podcast, etc. There is a whole industry behind it and is known by different names such as self-improvement, motivational coaching, self-growth and so on. Don’t bother too much about the name, the essence, the goal is same which is to make us better at various levels than we were yesterday.

The first step for any accomplishing anything worthwhile or a goal or a challenge is to believe that you can do it, belief that it will happen. If you wont believe in yourself, if you wont be positive, it just wont work.

But this is just half the task.

The other half is to be realistic about it and go about taking action.

Now it may seem as common sense, after all just believing that we would get that sales order for example, without actually doing anything is being naive. But a lot of people actually live that way. They do everything in their mind but nothing outside and then conclude that it doesn’t work. Talking is not enough, we need to walk the talk also.

Be an optimist that you will succeed but also keep in mind that it may not come easily and that’s being realistic. There will work, obstacles, challenges ahead and all this is nothing but part of life.

Its good to imagine what you wish to achieve, but also imagine the steps necessary which will help you achieve.

So being optimist is good, but being realistic optimist is what we all should strive for.


Is this the future of books/magazines? Highly interactive and engaging!

1 May
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