Unrealistic Optimist vs Realistic Optimist

3 May

optimism, life, happiness

Came across  a very good article  –  “Be an Optimist Without Being a Fool”. It was one of those posts which we knew its true but somehow never remembered it. Its like cleaning away the dust off our intellectual knowledge which lies within all of us. I suggest reading that post before, to get an idea as this is my extension on the very same topic.

I am an ardent follower of things that inspire and motivate me day after day. It can be in the form of books, blogs, articles, podcast, etc. There is a whole industry behind it and is known by different names such as self-improvement, motivational coaching, self-growth and so on. Don’t bother too much about the name, the essence, the goal is same which is to make us better at various levels than we were yesterday.

The first step for any accomplishing anything worthwhile or a goal or a challenge is to believe that you can do it, belief that it will happen. If you wont believe in yourself, if you wont be positive, it just wont work.

But this is just half the task.

The other half is to be realistic about it and go about taking action.

Now it may seem as common sense, after all just believing that we would get that sales order for example, without actually doing anything is being naive. But a lot of people actually live that way. They do everything in their mind but nothing outside and then conclude that it doesn’t work. Talking is not enough, we need to walk the talk also.

Be an optimist that you will succeed but also keep in mind that it may not come easily and that’s being realistic. There will work, obstacles, challenges ahead and all this is nothing but part of life.

Its good to imagine what you wish to achieve, but also imagine the steps necessary which will help you achieve.

So being optimist is good, but being realistic optimist is what we all should strive for.



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