Life Refreshed!

3 Jan

First things first –

I truly hope the new year is better in all forms for the entire human race! Its in everyone’s interest that we all grow and do well in all aspects of our life!

Having said that I believe at the end of the day its in our hands to make it happen or at-least make an honest effort and I have no doubt it will not go in vain. You reap what you sow and in this life only!

January is a great time to plan things for the year ahead. Its time to refresh your life and start afresh…seriously! If you have had a great year overall, it will be easy to gain momentum and making sure 2012 is even better! If the year 2011 left a lot to be desired, well here is the good news…now is the time to move on! You have a clean canvas to paint a new picture as you want it!

So whats the thing you hear the most in the new year?

Its called new year resolutions!!! Everyone seems to have them or pretend to have them and almost everyone forgets it past the first week of January!

Frankly, I have never made them so I cant say whether it works or not, but am very keen to have one this year. Or rather at-least list out the things I want to accomplish in the coming year.

I have yet to finish the list, but I came across an article by Harvey Mackay which should be a good guideline to keep in mind while creating one.

To give you a brief about the article :

Making a New Year’s resolution is like setting any other type of goal.  You have to choose wisely if you want to achieve something significant.  Remember that a good resolution, like a solid goal, usually has a few definable characteristics:

  • Focus.  Set a definite target:  “Lose 10 pounds by June” is better than “Lose some weight.”
  • Challenge.  Your resolution should be neither too difficult, nor too easy.
  • Commitment.  Share your resolutions with others.  That will help you work on them.
  • Presence.  Write down your resolutions in detail, and post your list where you’ll see it often.
  • Vision.  Visualize the results you want to achieve every day.

So welcome and embrace the new year like never before and let this be a year which will turn your life around!

Stay happy, stay healthy!



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