Google I/O 2012 : Whats brewing at Google lately!

17 Sep

P.S. – I should have posted here long time back, but better late than never!

Day -1


Though I am an avid Apple user, its exciting to see what Google is doing with its Android and other products!

Below are the few things which excited me the most about their latest Mobile OS : Jelly Bean –

1. Send email to all meeting invitees from the calendar reminder itself. This is super useful.

2. Smart app update, just update the portion of the apk which has changed instead of downloading the whole thing again. This will make the update super-fast and save on data also if you are using 3G.

3. Maps available offline. Useful for obvious reasons!

4. Nexus Q – social streaming device. It looks beautiful!

5. Google Plus Events, pre, during, after. What a cool way to gather all photos from various people for a particular event.

6. Auto sync of chrome across devices and even the signed in info, login/password gets synced. If I have opened some sit on Chrome on my Mobile or on any other device, same would reflect on all my devices which have Chrome. Say for example, I am on some site on my laptop and I have to leave for lunch. Even while having lunch I can see the same site on my phone or tablet or any other device! And since its already opened on my laptop, when I open on any other device, the page is pre-fetched! Super cool!

Googlers are doing some real zappy innovative work…but then whats new in that! 🙂


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