Why Product Managers should attend Nasscom Product Conclave(NPC) 2012?

31 Oct

Though the above video encapsulates well why NPC is a fantastic event for anyone passionate about products in the high-tech industry and to know more about how the eco-system in India is building at a rapid pace, I have a few more reasons why NPC and the way its built and designed makes it a must attend event for Product Managers all levels – seasoned, fresh ones and aspiring ones!

  1. Daddy of all product events in India. This is the only event where so many product professionals from around the world gather and share their journeys of making products, successful ones and even not so successful ones and how this taught them so many important lessons for life.
  2. Two full days of sessions, panels, workshops!
  3. Tons of showcases of new products and start ups.
  4. The ticket you bought for NPC also gets you some delicious food to keep you going!
  5. Massive networking platform and opportunity!
  6. An idea can change the world and here you get to soak so many over 2 days!
  7. If you are still not convinced, just getting inspired from product gurus makes it definitely worthwhile to be a part of NPC!

Who knows you or your product can be one the main stars of next year’s NPC!!!

Check out the full list of speakers and the agenda here!

See you at NPC’12!


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