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D11 Conference : Interview with Apple’s Tim Cook(video)

30 May


Its not everyday that we have an interview with the CEO of the most elusive technology company – Apple! And this is the second time consecutively that Tim Cook’s interview – sort of – opens D Conference! So I was very keen to hear what Tim has(if anything) to get us excited.

Frankly, as a CEO of Apple, Tim is a bad orator. His tone his sharp, but the content is disappointing and far too measured. You are one of the most profitable technology company in the world with a mountain high pile of cash lying…you can be less measured and more cool! Except is “profound” interest in wearable computing, “vision” for TV and that there “can” be a low price iPhone in future, opening up of iOS API’s for more services, I really didn’t learn anything new. He said the usual thing which we anyway learn during the annual/bi-annual product launches. At those times since he actually has so much to share, I am engrossed, but otherwise he really needs to catch up. If he has hired a trainer, its time to fire him/her! Those long pauses, speaking extremely thoughtfully can be very very boring more often than not! Also from Walt and Kara’s expressions, they were clearly bored and at times confused to what Tim was saying!

Apple needs to bring more of its top management in the public view and share what according to them the future looks like! Google blew everyone last year with their I/O conference and didn’t disappoint this year(more on that in a separate post) too! That is what really got me excited!

Apple, just being visible 1-2 times a year and then hiding all the while will not help and its clearly showing with waning interest and the stock getting hammered!

Apple, please do something and bring back the excitement which Steve excelled at!


Sebastian Thurn on the Universal Law of Innovation

21 May

Seeing such videos charge me instantly and want me to go out and change the world with the help of technology! In life we have many dreams at different phases of our dream for a long time is to work for Google and with immensely(understatement!) talented people like Sebastian and thousands of crazy people like him out to make the world a better place in radical different ways!

Sebastian Thurn has been involved in Google’s Self-driving Cars innovation, then the radical Google Glass(wearable tech) and now onto change how education system works with his online education – Udacity! Hats off!


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