iOS App for the week(now free) : Rise alarm clock

10 Aug


From last week I have been giving a shot at Alarm clock apps to see if I can make my waking-up moments  a bit different. Though  I am reasonably happy with the default Alarm which comes with iOS, the interface looks a bit jaded and boring. To put a disclaimer I have been trying these apps as they were free. I usually refrain from buying apps which I haven’t tried or which I have a doubt I will use to justify that spending however small it may be.

Surprisingly there are very few good Alarm apps which are free. So when I came across Rise as the free Alarm clock this week I was very eager to give it a try. For what’s worth my first morning with the new app wasn’t quite a success. I didn’t get up as on the scheduled time and overused the “snooze” button! 🙂

But that’s in no way reflective of the App but more of my will power and laziness. But let’s not get carried away here.

So when you open the App for the first time, it shows you a quick tutorial in the form of 8 screens to get a feel of how the App functions.  So lets see what each screen has to offer –

photo 1

Its always good to see different ways of using the touch functionality. Here you should drag your finger up/down to choose the time you want to wake up. And to provide a context as you go up and down the background image changes as per the time of the day. So as you can see in the image above, 6 :00 AM gives you an image when the Sun is just about to rise(no pun intended). Setting the alarm is a delight in Rise.


photo 2

Once you have set the time, you can also fine-tune it by tapping above or below the time. It will work in 5 minutes interval, so you cannot set a time like 5:14 AM which iOS allows you to do! But I doubt anyone will mind the absence of this precision!


photo 3

To On/Off the alarm its a simple swipe left/right. Again, good use of the touch/gestures.


photo 5

It also provides you a function to help you get sleepy! Since I have no problem sleeping…yet, I am yet to try this.


photo 6

For putting on  Snooze(which everyone who is a human will do at-least once!) all you need to do is Shake or if you want to go the next level, just turn the alarm off! 🙂


photo 7

You can also change the current display style by holding on to the time and it will give you 3 options. One option also gives you to add your own image as a background. 


photo 8

There are other options too –  the tune to be played for the alarm, changing the duration of the snooze, alarm volume, etc

Overall Rise is quite a good Alarm app and has used the touch functionality quite nicely. How long I continue to use and have fun with it is remain to be seen.

Free only for a limited time, do try it! apple images


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