Ex-Global Head Digital PepsiCo – Shiv Singh at Ad:tech 2012

16 Aug


Shiv is best known(or became known) as being the Global Digital Head for Pepsico(last 3 years, only very recently he moved to VISA) and considering the size of Pepsico and its presence all over the planet, its a massive title and of-course the challenge which comes along with. To say that it was his stint at Pepsico which made him what he is would be taking the term “overnight” success very very literally…and wrongly at that. Earlier he spent 11 years at Razorfish(thanks to Shiv social media business became one of the core strengths at Razorfish)  and obviously he did something right which made Pepsico bring him in. While at Pepsico he rolled new initiatives like Pepsi Sound Off and Pepsi Pulse in addition to partnering with new technology such as Twitter.

Shiv is very renowned in the field of everything Digital Advertising-Marketing/Social Media. He is also been named Ad Age Media Maven in 2009. A very unassuming and soft spoken guy he knows what he says. Just see any of his videos and you will get the drift.

Wishing Shiv all the best for his stint and VISA and expecting to see many innovations in the area of Digital Advertising-Marketing/Social Media



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