Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Whether it was accidental or intentional, my appreciation remains the same! 😉

Now where do I start…hmmm…I think a bit about me seems prudent to get the conversation flowing.

Bio (Personal) –

My name is Anirudh B Balotiaa…been in existence for around 29 years, actually slightly more than 29 but well within the scary30 number age mark! Even though between 29 and 30 there is just 12 months, but somehow 29 still makes me feel young and 30 suddenly makes me feel old! Have you noticed how so many products are priced at $9.99, $19.99, Rs. 199, Rs. 299 and so on! I guess you got the drift!

Now before I move on further a small disclaimer is in order.

Disclaimer – Whatever I am saying about myself, I am being as honest and true to myself as is realistically possible. So if you feel I am too good to be true or simply coloring my qualities to over-power the gray areas, all I can say is reach me and lets have a friendly conversation. I assure you, I will be as true to what I write here…even over repeated conversations and over time. After all I can fake once to form an impression, twice to still maintain what I said the very first time…but I cannot fake for ever! Right?

So getting back about me, I would say I am a people’s person, at-least on the social web. And even offline even though I take time to open up, once I establish a comfort level, I like to be in touch but at the cost of being intrusive! I like engaging in interesting conversations on just about anything. It can be about a new movie, a new eatery, a new gadget, issues going around in our lives, relationships, politics…in short anything where I feel I can say something meaningful and not just saying for the sake of jumping in the conversation! Even though there are some issues I feel very strongly about, I am not judgmental at all. That’s the real beauty of views/opinions…there is really no right or wrong. It all depends on one’s perceptions which is ever evolving thanks to a thing called life!

I am very active on Social Networking sites like  Twitter and Facebook…some may even say I am addicted to it! Twitter may be and since I have integrated Twitter and Facebook(whenever I post on Twitter, it gets posted as my status on Facebook too) people who are not on Twitter will feel I am addicted to Facebook! (As to why I am on to Social Networking so much, well that I hope to cover in a detailed post sometime in the near future! )

For me after sliced bread, Movies are the best to have happened to our world! Provided the movie is worth watching the time spent is quiet worth it! Some movies gives you an instant escape from our boring mundane life, some truly entertain you no matter how stupid they really are, some make you laugh right from frame 1 and till the end credits, some may even force you to introspect on so many different issues around you or happening in your life! Needless to say I watch a lot of movies..Hindi movies are prefer to watch in theaters with my family and English movies more often than not I tend to catch up on TV/Home Video! Going to a theater is a different experience all-together, beyond the obvious of big screen, good sound and video…its about the ambiance and the overall experience! (Wow this again can be made into a full length separate blog post in its entirety, which sounds like a good idea to me!)

Apart from movies, I am truly a foodie! Be it at home or outside…I love my food and I enjoy every bite of it! I am not inclined to fancy places or fancy cuisines…if its veg, if its edible more than often I will enjoy my meal! I like trying new places, be it via going in and dining or ordering at home! Though what I have depends a lot on my mood, I tend to have more of Indian(South Indian Cuisine, Mughlai/Tandoori) and Pizzas! And yes for me each and every meal is incomplete with desserts! It can just be one spoon but ending my meal on a sweet note or sweet tooth is absolutely mandatory!

Reading is another thing I truly love and passionate about. Full credit and appreciation to my parents for instilling this habit in me! Be it via RSS(blogs, sites), Magazines, Books(non-fiction and fiction), on my Kindle or on my iPod..you will never find me without a book! I don’t travel much(which I want to change ASAP), but whenever I do, the first thing I pack is my back-pack and fill it with books/magazines, fill my Kindle and put in the back-pack too! Just love reading!

I guess thats about my personal facet of my life in a nutshell, though I can still go and on, but lets leave that for a separate post for now!

Drop me a mail sometime if you want to know more about me and start a conversation –

anirudhbbalotiaa (at) gmail (dot) com

Lets catch up sometime !

Till then…Adios!


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