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Disrupting The Business Software Industry

7 Aug

Couldn’t agree more with Aaron!

Enterprise software segment is currently dominated by big players who are in it since quite a long time. And this may inhibit new players from entering fearing that the relationship which existing software players have built over the years will be difficult to break away with. Even though relationships are no doubt important and does have a say in renewing contracts, but its not the only thing. A business is all about money and how an application can help the enterprise better utilize their resources. And this is the want or rather the need on an ongoing basis.

More often than not, it is the fear of the challenges and the learning associated with a new enterprise software which prohibits companies from changing their existing ones. To a large extent this is true. But this also shows the complexity involved and this needs to be simplified. The cost(tangible/in-tangible) of running an enterprise software seems more than the cost of acquiring it and this has to be changed and is changing. See how Google with their Google Apps totally disrupted a lot many things even though people were used to the old way of doing for years. But Google made it simple, added value, users saw benefit and they switched!

Recently there was a news that Bharti which had given a massive contract to IBM in 2004 and which is now up for renewal, may not renew the existing contract in its entirety only to IBM. Many new vendors are expected to be included, which will clearly bite into IBM’s share compared to what they got(everything) way back in 2004. This is a classic example of the state of things!

From a user/enterprise point of view, things will only get better. From a software vendor point of view, things will get more competitive and challenging!

As always, the best is yet to come!


Nokia CEO admits failure!

28 Jun

So at last Nokia has admitted that it messed up! Why did it take them so long to be aware and admit that yes there is a problem in the way the company is going forward? I think its because of –

  1. Ignorance – Nokia been a market leader for almost a decade. Post iPhone launch in 2007, they were still ruling, but then silently Apple was catching up fast, real fast! And see in 5 years, Apple(iOS) and Google(Android) has virtually kicked Nokia out of the smartphone market! And with Android devices prices crashing fast, Nokia’s share is also going South and fast! Nokia was ignorant of the fact that the world is changing, people using smartphone are changing, people’s usage on their phones are changing, the entire ecosystem is changing!
  2. Arrogance – Been a leader for a decade has its own dis-advantage if you continue to rest on your laurels. Nokia did and seems to be continue to do the same albeit a bit slowly now. What held them back by switching to a  new OS or even better adopting Android on their devices? Or they could have continued to have their own platform and at the same time offering different platforms. May be some one in the position of authority was just too busy in the past that it missed the winds flowing past them. Even after plummeting sales, they were still not ready to accept that there is a problem. Then when people starting seeing Apps on iOS and Android, when people started related to it immediately and for obvious reasons, they started switching from age-old Nokia! And in 5 years the entire landscape is changed. I am not saying that iOS will rule for ever, if they continue to innovate the way they are doing, they probably will, but in today’s fast-paced technology world nothing can be predicted! Its a disruptive world and it can come from anywhere! No one can afford to be under an illusion that their past position will dictate their future one too!

Though I like Lumia for  a variety of reasons the main thing lacking is flourishing App Store! Imagine having an iPhone or a Android and not having any Apps…its a useless device! Few years  back it was the hardware which was at the center of everything but now its the software and its surrounding eco-system!

I would love to switch to Lumia(powered by Windows 8)  as I really like their new tile-like UX interface named Metro(thanks to Microsoft) and it really adds a real fresh interface with vibrant colors, but the limited App store is what holds me back! Adding to it is of-course the lack of an effort by Nokia itself to spread the user experience on its devices! See any Apple keynote and you will know what  I am talking about!

So to sum it up, we better move with the times or else time will move really ahead of us and playing catch-up is no fun on a consistent basis!

CEOs, Get Out of the Way!

3 May

Very well articulated by Vineet Nayar(CEO, HCL Technologies Ltd.)

In today’s uber fast-changing age, its the employees(specially new recruits) who have the inclination to change if something is not right and/or improvise the current systems. Ideally the top management and people hanging on to their cosy chairs must acknowledge, appreciate and apply feedback. Of-course not every feedback may be in the interest of the organisation, but if majority is saying the same, there has to be some truth in it.

Organisations who stay in the past, will soon become a thing of the past!

P.S. – I just commend Vineet’s approach to employees, how easily he is approachable and trying to connect with his employees first, through various mediums! 

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3 May

So true in majority of companies!

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