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The Perfect Smartphone!?

15 Aug


Came to know about Marques Brownlee from Vic Gundotra’s Google Plus feed. Marques has a quite common man feel to him and hence reviews seems easy to connect to and not driven by any particular brand’s vested interest.

Also going by the number of videos he has and the interaction from viewers, he seems to be quiet popular with what he does. 

Check out his channel on You Tube, its quite an enjoyable watch. 

Coming back to this video, its interesting how different manufacturers have their own strengths and some were quite a revelation for me. Didn’t knew Motorola was good at batteries, but then if you stop being in the phone business for a long time, how will one know! 🙂 HTC is definitely good at design, though I was surprised iPhone doesn’t get mentioned here.

Obviously, this perfect smartphone is pure wishful thinking, as its hard to do everything right with real constraints and specially on the pricing factor! Still fun to watch this by Marques.


Truly Disrupting and CRAZY Technology – Umoove!

10 Jun



Using your eyes/head to scroll that too with adjustable speed, zoom-in/out as you go near the device and farther from it, immersive gaming experience….this eye-tracking technology is mind-blowing! Seeing such change-the-world ideas, I am proud to love technology so much!

Hope Apple incorporates some of this in the near near future!


Sebastian Thurn on the Universal Law of Innovation

21 May

Seeing such videos charge me instantly and want me to go out and change the world with the help of technology! In life we have many dreams at different phases of our dream for a long time is to work for Google and with immensely(understatement!) talented people like Sebastian and thousands of crazy people like him out to make the world a better place in radical different ways!

Sebastian Thurn has been involved in Google’s Self-driving Cars innovation, then the radical Google Glass(wearable tech) and now onto change how education system works with his online education – Udacity! Hats off!


Google I/O 2012 : Whats brewing at Google lately!

17 Sep

P.S. – I should have posted here long time back, but better late than never!

Day -1


Though I am an avid Apple user, its exciting to see what Google is doing with its Android and other products!

Below are the few things which excited me the most about their latest Mobile OS : Jelly Bean –

1. Send email to all meeting invitees from the calendar reminder itself. This is super useful.

2. Smart app update, just update the portion of the apk which has changed instead of downloading the whole thing again. This will make the update super-fast and save on data also if you are using 3G.

3. Maps available offline. Useful for obvious reasons!

4. Nexus Q – social streaming device. It looks beautiful!

5. Google Plus Events, pre, during, after. What a cool way to gather all photos from various people for a particular event.

6. Auto sync of chrome across devices and even the signed in info, login/password gets synced. If I have opened some sit on Chrome on my Mobile or on any other device, same would reflect on all my devices which have Chrome. Say for example, I am on some site on my laptop and I have to leave for lunch. Even while having lunch I can see the same site on my phone or tablet or any other device! And since its already opened on my laptop, when I open on any other device, the page is pre-fetched! Super cool!

Googlers are doing some real zappy innovative work…but then whats new in that! 🙂

Kindle, iPad, iPad2 !

21 Apr

ipad ipad2 kindle3 tablet amazon apple

If you are having Kindle or/and iPad1/iPad2…or if you planning to buy either or both, the following posts should be very interesting in helping you make a choice or re-affirming your choice!

Using iPad to make notes.

3 Questions before you buy iPad2.

Amazon Kindle3 after a month.

Personally I own a Kindle3 since last 5 months and now seriously looking to grab a Tablet! iPad2 clearly seems to be my choice, but Samsung Galaxy Tab is also on my radar. It has a smaller screen size of 7 inches as compared to 10 inches for iPad2, but it all depends what the use is. Bigger is not always better. So do a thoughtful study on what do you plan to use it for and make a prudent choice. Interestingly the author of the above posts, bought an iPad, but with time he realized it was not for him and eventually gave it away!

There are also new models coming in June end for Samsung Galaxy Tab in terms of bigger screen of 8.2 and 10.8 inches. But that would place it directly in the category of iPad2 and it will be one very difficult choice as to which one to pick!

Your guess is as good as mine!

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