Life As A Muse?

Interesting title of my blog…isn’t it?!!! (Its good to throw away modesty to the wind…sometimes!)

All-right now that I have had my share of feeling great at making good titles, let me try to explain why the title is what it is.

First lets look at a few definitions of “muse” I came across online –


verb, mused, mus·ing.

–verb (used without object)
1. to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.
2. Archaic . to gaze meditatively or wonderingly.
–verb (used with object)
3. to meditate on.
4. to comment thoughtfully or ruminate upon.


1.  cogitate, ruminate, think; dream. 1, 3.  ponder, contemplate, deliberate.

Even though “muse” is usually referred and used in the context of creative creations, for example so and so is the muse of so and so fashi0n designer or a painter or a sculptor and so on. I think everyone should have a muse in life, if they don’t have one already(even though it may be subconscious and they would have never attributed the term “muse” to it).

In my limited understanding of the term, muse is something that inspires you, that makes you think, that makes you ponder, something that moves you, puts you in action or on the converse pulls you out of action.

For me my entire life is my muse!

There are so many things/people/circumstances/emotions/objects happening constantly around us so its difficult for me to attribute my “muse” to any one particular category!

Today my muse may be the emotion of feeling happy, tomorrow it may be my emotion of feeling sad!

Yes there are some topics I am more interested in, but this blog doesn’t really have a set theme or if I can say, the theme is life! I would be putting my thoughts into posts here on a variety of topics. It can be about iPad, it can be about the new Android phone, it can be about the new restaurant I went to, a movie I watched, a social cause I support and believe, about self-motivation and development, can be about what I feel on the topic of woman rights and equality and yes I may also write a post about some stupid guests and relatives who do nothing but invade our house like unwanted weeds!!!

So its as diverse, assorted and ever-in-evolution stage as life itself!

There will be something for everyone out here.

I will try as much as I can to be self-restrained where being judgmental and prejudiced is concerned! I firmly believe that each one of us have the right to have their own views/voices but sometimes in the heated flow of the conversation we may get personal and give a judgment as to this is right and this is wrong! Whereas in reality there is no right and no wrong. Every body’s views/thoughts/voices are shaped by whatever is happening in their lives and life itself is every changing and so will the views along with it.

So don’t give a verdict or judge what I am saying, rather take it as just my view of looking at things and I can be wrong…no…I will be wrong!I am not God after all! 🙂

If you concur with what I am saying, fine…if not, great! That’s a perfect excuse to get a healthy conversation started! It would be so much boring if we all agree all the time! Dis-agreements can bring the best in us!

So without further ado..lets get the conversation started!

I handover the reins of this blog to my muse – my life!


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