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Care about technology? Watch this very energizing video of Chamath Palihapitiya, VC, Silicon Valley

13 Sep

I had never heard of Chamath before I came across this video and now I wonder why. His world view as being in the technology sector as a VC is so refreshingly different than other VCs who only talk about money and the next big exit. Chamath is all about making meaningful impact in people’s lives with the help of technology and specially in the health-care sector.

Chamath I really hope whatever you do, you succeed, because then many more people will succeed and benefit too.


Weekend Reading (11.08.13) – Week 2

11 Aug


Interesting read(or watch) from around the web on a multitude of topics!

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Rebuilding on so many levels!

25 Mar

My last post here was on 4th January’13, I never imagined in my worst nightmare what happened in the days between 5-7 Janurary’13 and since then what has happened.

Things though far from normal, seems to be on track to at-least regaining 80-90% normalcy if not 100%. It may take a good many months, but then somethings are beyond our control.

Its been 3 months and 2 days since I came(23rd Dec’12) from Bangalore to Mumbai as my mom was admitted in hospital(19th December’12) and the diagnosis was yet to happen as to whats been ailing my mom past 5 months.

And then things started to unfold…one after another.

Started with Meningitis(caused by a very strong bacteria known as Listeria), then a type of Cancer(Non-Hodkins Lymphoma), then she went into Septic Shock and was in ICU for 6 days and during this she also got Pneumonia(caused by a again very strong bacteria called Klebsiella). This was followed by not one but 3 severe neuropathy condition – Peripheral Neuropathy, Radiculopathy, GB Syndrome.

Needless to say, our family has been going through hell and the hell like a blind tunnel at times doesn’t seem to end. How bad was it? Well let me say I pray everyday that not even 10% of what we have gone through should happen to my worst enemy.

Nothing is more disturbing  unsettling, traumatic than the health and seeing the suffering of your loved one, specially when its your parents and specially when its your mom.

The good thing is that here I am alive – more stronger, more resilient, more positive, more optimistic –  to tell all that what happened.

What has happened has happened, we cannot go back in time and undo all that…but what we can do is what in our hands. To rebuild, to regroup, to face it, to see what can be done, to see how we can best handle this, how we can come out of it and how we can continue to be positive, be full of hope and faith as we have always tried to be.

Except for prayers we are not looking for any help from anyone as frankly no one can understand, no one can feel, no one can empathize what we have got through. Only those who go through and see in front of them the suffering can feel the pain.

But yes prayers do have this magical power attached to them.  🙂

I do wish to chronicle some part if not all here on my blog, not to share my problems but may be to inspire others who may be going or who have gone through it.

I don’t have a structure in place yet, so lets see how the future posts look like…who knows I may even write a book on it! 🙂

Rear view mirror in car is smaller as its utility is limited. Such is life! No point looking back…

…Onwards to rebuilding…Onwards to a better tomorrow…Onwards to a better life…in myriad colors and shades.

Life is what we make of it…regardless of the situation.



Fighting Inertia!

28 Oct

Image Credit : CORBIS


Its been so long since I made a post here, so very unlike me! 😦

Though am never been in favor of excuses(I believe when I make excuses it shows that its not in my hands which is never true!), this time I want to take the liberty by blaming it on inertia!

Definition of Inertia :

The vis insita, or innate force of matter, is a power of resisting by which every body, as much as in it lies, endeavours to preserve its present state, whether it be of rest or of moving uniformly forward in a straight line.

This inertia is specially so powerful and applicable in the world of blogging/writing/any creative work! If you want to be regular be regular, if you take a break, coming back becomes all the more difficult!

I have started my fight back to being regular, for starters I have updated my “Books Currently Reading”  list and do intend to update it as and when my book shelf gets updated!

So much more to write and share…



Keep watching this space!




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