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Update 17 July 2011 : A New Beginning

17 Jul

Its been close to 10 weeks since my last post. 10 weeks is 70 days and what an eventful 70 days it has been.

To start with, I have moved to Bangalore and joined Tally Solutions(TS) as a Business Development Manager. For those in India and into Business mainly SME(Small Medium Enterprise), Tally is as popular as Windows if not more. People may not know how to operate Windows fully, but they will know Tally.  A very quick though highly incomplete intro about Tally can be found here.

A bit more about Tally seems prudent to share here. Tally has  a market share of more than 90% in the Business Accounting space in India. Though Tally did started as a Financial Accounting solution primarily, in the last 1-1.5 years, it has transformed into an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) handling 3 major aspects of any business – Money, Material and Men, which translates to Financial Accounting, Inventory and Payroll in Tally’s terminology. In addition to this Tally also handles Banking, Statutory Compliance beautifully in addition to a whole lot more.  I say it with utmost modesty and humility that whatever be your Business needs, Tally Solutions will not disappoint and will do whatever it can to help you grow. We may not have instant solution to transform your business, but we will definitely give you a start in the right direction. You can find out more about Tally Solutions from its main corporate site.

You may say I am saying this just because I am working there, but that’s not the case. I have been following Tally as a company and its growth for more than a decade and without a dash of flattery I can proudly say that its a privilege to work for Tally Solutions! Recently it has also been awarded for being one of the top 100 places to work in India!

Though Tally Solutions is based out of Bangalore where I am being posted currently, there is a chance that I may move somewhere else based on my work. But we shall talk about that when the time comes!

I can really go on and on about Tally Solution as a product company, as  an organisation and as an IT Solutions provider, but this post is not only about Tally Solutions, right?! Though Tally Solutions has become a huge part of whom I am, its always good to have some perspective and see things keeping in mind the big picture!

My post heading says “A New Beginning”, so you may be wondering whats this beginning I am talking about. Well for those who don’t know me, I have been into 3d Animation space for the last 7 years which also included different stints as an entrepreneur, then Marketing and then finally Online Marketing before I hopped on the cruise known as Tally Solutions. So moving onto TS is like starting my professional life from close to scratch, though of-course what I have learned and experience in the last 7 years will be extremely valuable in my endeavor to provide value to TS.

It feels nothing less than a dream when I see my life prior to these 70 days and after. Its like seeing a photo first in black and white and then in color. Even though nothing has changed in the photo, the color itself transforms the photo and the subject completely! Such has been my transformation in reality! Wow!

Now that I am settling down, I really hope to come back to blogging as regularly as I was before and share my life both personally and professionally with you my readers!

To conclude I just want to say that after every night there indeed comes a morning, after every storm calmness does prevail, sometimes from the bitterest of experience comes the greatest awakening. All we need to do is believe everyday while going to bed that tomorrow will be a better day. Trust me as I am saying from my own experience, this belief can change your life in a positive way and beyond your expectations!

I wish you love, happiness and contentment.



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