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Google Search Redefined – Knowledge Graph

9 Jul

Its amazing how Google is taking technology to the next level! This was launched on 15th May 2012 and we all have been using it ever since without explicitly knowing it existed all this while! Google is seeping into our lives like never before!


Official announcement on the Google Blog!


Eco-system Stickiness

9 Jul

If you are using a smartphone/tablet and dont have any paid-apps(assuming paid by yourself), you can ignore this post, but if you have paid-apps, well knowingly or unknowingly your cost of switching to any other platform is not just the cost of the device. Confused? Read on…

Lets say you are using iPad (iOS). You have a ton of paid apps. So if you move to another device within iOS –  say iPhone – all your apps follow you and you can access them for free of cost.

But if you decide to change your platform all-together, to Android or Windows or Blackberry, your cost of switching is Device + the cost of Apps you will be leaving behind. Unfortunately, apps are not platform portable and you will have to buy the apps on each platform separately.

Honestly, I never though it this way but then stumbled across an article and found it profound.

So ideally, it makes sense to decide what platform to switch to with a bit of a foresight so that you don’t end up switching. But then there are people who don’t have any paid-apps, enjoying their current platform and can switch in an instant if they find more value. So if you are one of those who keep buying apps, think whether you will be on the platform in the near future or does it make sense to hold on if you are looking to change your platform.

Also it makes sense to have the phone and the tablet on the same platform so that you can access the apps interchangeably and thanks to iCloud(if on Apple) all your data are synced even without you knowing!

Having got an iPhone recently, now I need to think what can I do with my Blackberry Tablet and how to get my hands on a swanking new “new ipad” !!! Rob a bank  perhaps? 🙂



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